Recent Before & After Photos

Storm Damage in Iron City, GA

These before and after photos are from a home in Iron City, GA. During Hurricane Michael, the wind tore the roof apart, exposing the decking boards on the roof.... READ MORE

Before and After Photos of Storm Damage in Thomasville, GA

This damage was from hurricane Michael. Storm winds were so powerful that it knocked a tree into this customer's roof. In the before photo, you can see the dama... READ MORE

Hands On Thomas County Project in Thomasville, Georgia

Every teacher needs a good break room, whether it is to make a cup of coffee, warm up lunch, or just get a minute to grade papers somewhere other than their own... READ MORE

Flooded Hallway in Bainbridge, GA

This flooded hallway in Bainbridge, Georgia was the result of a broken pipe from an air handler, which is a device used to regulate and circulate air as part of... READ MORE

Water Damage at a home in Thomasville, GA

This flooded utility room was the result of a broken water line hook-up to the wash machine. This is more common than most think, the worn out washer connecting... READ MORE

Fire Damage in a Kitchen in Bainbridge, GA

This was a kitchen grease fire in Bainbridge, Georgia. A grease fire happens when cooking oil becomes too hot and begins to smoke and catch on fire. The extent ... READ MORE

Water Damage at an Office Space in Colquitt, GA

This office space had water damage after hurricane Michael. The building's roof had severe damage which caused rain water to leak into the interior building. We... READ MORE

Flood Damage at a Hair Salon in Cairo, GA

The roof on this property had initial damage from hurricane Michael. After the hurricane, a tornado came through and did further damage to the roof on this busi... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Whigham, GA

This home in Whigham, GA suffered significant fire damage as the product of a heater catching fire in the bathroom. In these photos you will see the damage and ... READ MORE

SERVPRO is ready for any disaster

This before and after shows a local business in Thomasville, GA. This business had a car come through their building. The car busted through the front glass, ca... READ MORE